Announcing Ghost for Journalism

This year we're very excited to be dedicating our entire 10 person full-time Ghost team to helping grow three independent publications, along with $45,000 in resources toward their efforts. We're calling it Ghost for Journalism. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me explain: Next month, we're going to release Ghost 1.0 – which… Read More

Blazing fast mobile performance: AMP for Ghost

Ghost has already had great mobile performance from day one, with a responsive admin area and default theme - but now we’ve stepped that up a gear once more with full support for brand new Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. What does all this mean for you? Ludicrous speed! Take a look at Troy Hunt’… Read More

Scheduling your posts for future publication

You can now schedule posts in Ghost to be published at a predetermined date in the future! This is one of our most requested features of all time, so we're really happy to finally have it out in the wild 🙈. It works just as you'd expect: Once you set a publication date in the future,… Read More

Help us Translate

Ghost has been an international project since day 1, with team members, contributors and users from all over the world who care deeply about online publishing. Until now, though, has only been available in English. Today, that’s finally changing! We have well over half a million people registered on -… Read More

Public API in Labs

Ever wanted a latest posts list? Or a featured posts list? Or a list of your tags? The API makes all of this (and much more) possible... Since day one, Ghost has been powered by its own JSON API, which provides access to all posts, tags, users and so on. Until very recently, the API… Read More