Kevin Ansfield is a Ghost

Our next team member has arrived! Kevin Ansfield is our very first (and much needed) full-time Ember.js developer. Based in the UK, Kevin joins us from our friends over at Simple as Milk who helped us architect the first version of Kevin has been working with Ember.js since its inception and… Read More

Belle Beth Cooper is a Ghost

We're thrilled to welcome Belle Beth Cooper to the Ghost team as our first full-time content crafter! Our very first team member from Australia, Belle is probably best known on The Internet (TM) for building up Buffer's blog as their first content crafter – but she's since gone on to write for just about every startup… Read More

David Wolfe is a Ghost

Another new member of the team, this month we're proud to welcome David Wolfe our latest addition. Many of you will already know him from the Ghost Forums; being Hannah's husband means he's been helping us in more ways than one since the very beginning. Coming from a career as a department-head in the British… Read More

Sarah Frantz is a Ghost

Today we are very pleased to welcome Sarah Frantz to the team as our newest Ghost Support Engineer! Our first team member from the United States, Sarah describes herself as a perpetual geek and proud working mother. She'll be helping out users on Ghost(Pro), checking in on the Ghost forums, and crafting finely honed… Read More

Paul Davis is a Ghost

We're very proud to welcome Paul Davis to the small (but growing!) Ghost team as our new Front-End architect / rocket scientist / neurosurgeon / ok fine I'll stop. Based in the UK, Paul likes to get deep and meaningful with SASS, CSS, HTML and front-end JavaScript. He also gets deep and meaningful with his BMW, which he… Read More