Quick wins to boost your email marketing

Since joining Ghost, one of my focuses has been on our weekly blog newsletter. If you sign up, you'll receive all our latest blog content in an email every week. I want to develop a tight-knit, friendly community around the Ghost blog and the content I'm producing. With email being such a personal medium, it… Read More

This brilliant blog post is about how to write incredibly clicky headlines for your awesome content

Ghost founder John and I have been talking content strategy lately. We've been really focused on blue-sky-synergy-sessions (obviously), but we've also been getting into the nitty-gritty on a few issues. One that took us some time to hash out was how we approach headlines for the blog. John is a fairly pragmatic guy, while I… Read More

The big problem with sharing text in images

There's a trend in the way we create and share content at the moment that's harmful for accessibility. Too many of us are enjoying this trend without realising its implications. I'm talking about sharing text as images. Here are some common examples of where you might have seen this: Sharing screenshots of text on Twitter.… Read More

The ins and outs of content syndication

When people ask for my credentials as a content writer, I often share (well let's be honest—I boast) that my work has been published on Fast Company, Inc, Entrepreneur, Salon, and more. In fact, a lot of that publishing was re-publishing. Since my work tends to end up on various sites that I don't… Read More