Moving to Singapore

In the next couple of months we’ll be reincorporating the Ghost Foundation in Singapore and closing down all operations in the UK. This is easily the biggest business change we've made to Ghost since it started, and will hopefully give us a much easier time trading internationally! This was a huge decision which represents… Read More

A Year to The Day

My stomach lurched, one final time, as I stared at the draft Kickstarter Campaign on the screen before me. I scrolled up and down the project description vigorously, checking that everything was there. Pictures, check. Rewards, check. FAQs, done. Six months of preparation came down to this moment. Six months of trepidation stored up to… Read More

Ghost : Kickstarter

Six months ago Ghost was barely an idea, today it's a thing. A living, breathing, evolving thing. And it's public. Today we released Ghost into the wild via Kickstarter. It's pretty scary - and incredibly exciting. Myself and Hannah have done so much and planned so much more, that it was hard to fit it… Read More