5 books, 10 days: my DIY writing education

It's around 3pm on Sunday afternoon when I slam closed my paperback copy of Stephen King's oft-recommended writing guide, On Writing. I don't have a problem dog-earing a book or bending its pages—I learned to love books and reading from my dad, who often battered a book before reading it to give it that… Read More

Help us Translate Ghost.org

Ghost has been an international project since day 1, with team members, contributors and users from all over the world who care deeply about online publishing. Until now, though, Ghost.org has only been available in English. Today, that’s finally changing! We have well over half a million people registered on Ghost.org -… Read More

Moving to Singapore

In the next couple of months we’ll be reincorporating the Ghost Foundation in Singapore and closing down all operations in the UK. This is easily the biggest business change we've made to Ghost since it started, and will hopefully give us a much easier time trading internationally! This was a huge decision which represents… Read More

3 Ways to Collect Source Material for Creative Work

It took me a long time to understand that writing is a task best undertaken alone. And I don't just mean in solitude, I mean as an individual errand. One of the biggest mistakes writers make is combining research (input) and writing (output) into a single session. Tim Ferriss, author of three bestselling books, turned… Read More

Public API in Labs

Ever wanted a latest posts list? Or a featured posts list? Or a list of your tags? The API makes all of this (and much more) possible... Since day one, Ghost has been powered by its own JSON API, which provides access to all posts, tags, users and so on. Until very recently, the API… Read More