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Public API in Labs

Ever wanted a latest posts list? Or a featured posts list? Or a list of your tags? The API makes all of this (and much more) possible... Since day one, Ghost has been powered by its own JSON API, which provides access to all posts, tags, users and so on. Until very recently, the API… Read More

Tag Management

As of today, you can edit and delete your tags in Ghost - perfect for cleaning up those typos! Additionally you can personalise your tag archives by adding cover images and meta data to your tags. For anyone who is using the default theme, your tag archives will use the new data right away. If… Read More

Ghost 0.5 - MSR1

Today we are releasing Ghost 0.5 - a massive technical progression and an exciting step forward for the Ghost blogging platform. This release represents a total of 616 commits across 471 issues from 61 incredible contributors all over the world. CodeName: MSR1 - this is the second release named for one of our 3… Read More