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Blazing fast mobile performance: AMP for Ghost

Ghost has already had great mobile performance from day one, with a responsive admin area and default theme - but now we’ve stepped that up a gear once more with full support for brand new Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.

What does all this mean for you? Ludicrous speed! Take a look at Troy Hunt’s story on the recent Dropbox hack, loading over 3G:

Google AMP Demo

You can access the AMP equivalent version of any post on your blog by simply adding /amp to the end of any post URL. AMP versions are all generated for you, and there’s nothing you need to do!1 Here's the AMP version of this very post.

All Ghost blogs render a default AMP template, but of course this can be overridden at a theme level if you’d like to customise your colours, branding and typography. Here’s a tutorial on how to customise AMP for Ghost in your theme.

It’s still early days for AMP, Google is a little bit inconsistent about when it does/doesn’t decide to show an AMP version of a post in its search results - but we’re pretty excited about it all the same!

Ghost(Pro) users already have access to all of this right now, log in to your blog and have a look! Users running Ghost on their own servers can grab this feature by upgrading to Ghost 0.10.

  1. Do be aware that at this early stage of AMP support there are a few things which can break it (like affiliate tracking embeds or other complex code which we can’t properly parse).