3 Ways to Collect Source Material for Creative Work

It took me a long time to understand that writing is a task best undertaken alone. And I don't just mean in solitude, I mean as an individual errand. One of the biggest mistakes writers make is combining research (input) and writing (output) into a single session. Tim Ferriss, author of three bestselling books, turned… Read More

Public API in Labs

Ever wanted a latest posts list? Or a featured posts list? Or a list of your tags? The API makes all of this (and much more) possible... Since day one, Ghost has been powered by its own JSON API, which provides access to all posts, tags, users and so on. Until very recently, the API… Read More

Ghost monthly blog report - September 2015

Every month I publish a report on my progress with content at Ghost. Check out last month's report here. How much work did we get done? Posts published: 12 (1 less than last month) New design, better mobile support, admin search and more!, 12,781 uniques, 19 comments The apps it takes to run a… Read More

How to turn your company reports into content marketing

As more startups turn to content marketing to attract other startups to be their customers, we see more content emerging from what's happening inside these companies. Sometimes it's the results of an experiment. Sometimes it's an internal report, or even an email to the team. Turning internal company materials into content can save you time… Read More